Immersive Theater Performer


Stage Combat



GOGO Dancer

Creative Cocktails

Cat Lover 


Photography by Human Works Daisuke Kimura 
Light/ Assistant by TOGO KAZUHIRO




A non-binary Japanese Artist, who constantly explores their artistry in many different fields;   
Dance, Immersive Theater, Stage Combat, Acting, Music Videos, Art Photoshoots, Burlesque, and more! ​
After performing with Theater Big Dream Yamato Troupe in Japan for 7 years resulting in 14 Musical Theater Productions, performing their wide range of acting skills in both "Female" and "Male" identified roles, they chose their way to NY state to pursue their BFA in Dance.

Grand jete-ing between Fredonia and NYC, they have danced in works by Paul Taylor , Douglas Dun, Jon Lehrer , and many other various genres of concert dance makers. But Manatsu was curious; "What is my artistic expression beyond concert dance?"
Manatsu actively sought acting opportunities in school, and performed in BENT and Almost, Maine, and re-discovering their love to not only acting, but to the thrill of "jump out of your comfort zone, see what awaits there"
Even after graduating, Manatsu's journey of seeing how they can expand their own field as an artist has not slowed down at all. In addition to booking jobs in Dance and Theater, they can be seen in Music Videos of Mona Haydar, Cell7, Melody English, and SKOUT.

Jumping outside the screen, (and perhaps the best jump that they have ever made for themself) Manatsu has been immersed into the world of immersive theater, and has been an original cast  for immersive theater productions such as "The Church of Strangers" by Randy Wiener, "ZeroSpace" by the producers of Queen of the Night, "Pansy Craze" by Maya Dawyer and Breadcrumbs Production. Currently, Immersive theater has caught their heart, and they hope to pursue more in this art form as an immersive theater performer. 

They are a proud Company Member of Hard/Femme Dances, and a co-creator and the lead actor of Hearts of Cranes, an immersive online immersive experience in collaboration with Experience You&I. 

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