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Manatsu​ Tanaka

Immersive Theater 
Physical Theater 
Musical Theater 

Japanese Sword Fighting 

GOGO Dancer 
Cat Lover 

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Photography by Human Works Daisuke Kimura 
Light/ Assistant by TOGO KAZUHIRO


"I love working with Manatsu. They had such a creative spirit and is so open to the movement of true creativity which comes from a higher plane. They are such a joy and a treasure and I know that they are a credit and honor to all of Japan!"
-Mona Haydar, Singer Song Writer 

”Manatsu Tanaka dances through New York City, embodying the emotions of the lyrics and visuals perfectly.”
​-Nylon Magazine 


Versatile. Athletic. Creative.
A non-binary Japanese Multidisciplinary Artist based in NYC and Tokyo

Manatsu Tanaka (they/them)

A non-binary Japanese Multidisciplinary artist based in NYC and Tokyo.

They have been performing in Immersive, Physical, Contemporary, and Musical Theater works as a Dancer/Actor/Singer in both countries. Simply from the love of expression and sharing, they also enjoy expressing creativity in origami, Aerial Silks, drawing, creative cocktails, and playing the piano.


Aside from performing, they have been sharing their stories about their O-1 Visa (Artist Visa) process, as a versatile LGBTQ artist and all the unique perspectives gained being a bicultural (13 years in Japan, 13 years in the US!) performer in two amazing cities. They hope to pursue their career as they are highly driven with the passion and ambition to continue to spark conversations about diversity in the theater community in Japan, and to contribute to the diversity and increase the percentage of working AAPI artists in the NYC theater community, shows, and productions; and one day on Broadway.

Recently, they have found their calling as an Understudy/Swing and they hope to continue to pursue this most demanding but so rewarding and the most unique role in theater!

Recent: The Nosebleed by Aya Ogawa  (U/s Aya 0/1/2/3/4 Woolly Mammoth, DC), Dis-Orientalism Part 3 at Joe’s Pub, The Art of Killin’ It (Swing), Hard/Femme Dances Works (Company Member), Einstein on the Beach (Soloist, Japan Revival 2022), Elisa and the 11 Swan Princes (Nissay Theater & Japan Regional Tour), "PAN" by Romance Hashimoto, 

Music Videos: Starring in "MOVE" by Skout, Starring in "Lifted" by Mona Haydar



They have danced in works by Paul Taylor, Douglas Dun, and the hot topic cutting edge uprising director/choreographer in Japan, Romance Hashimoto, and many other various genres of concert dance makers.

They have been an original cast member for several immersive theater productions in NY and Tokyo such as "Pansy Craze" by Maya Dawyer and Japan's first long-running immersive theater "Venus of TOKYO" by DAZZLE Dance Company. 

They are a proud Company Member of Hard/Femme Dances, and a co-creator and the lead actor of Hearts of Cranes, an immersive online immersive experience in collaboration with Experience You&I. 


Certified in Japanese Sword Stage Combat and Unarmed Fight by the Japan Actor's Union.

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