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As Manatsu jumps around various genres of Performing Arts, they have been mentioned on National and International medias such as 

MSN News, No.3 Magazine, PICTION (2020 April Issue),, Step Feed, Broadway World, Nutiminn Media (Iceland), NY Japion, Weekly NY Seikatsu, and many more.

*Some of the articles were published before Manatsu changed their pronouns*

Don't Quit Your Day Job Podcast 
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Voyage Dallas 
Artist Spotlight

Screen Shot 2023-04-27 at 17.51.38.png
The Art of Killin' It 
NY1Page Interview
NY1Page Interview
Spinart Artist Interview 
Hearts of Cranes. (You&I experience) Reviews

Hearts of Cranes

Created by You&I
Created and performed by Manatsu Tanaka

"Empathetic, therapeutic, and most importantly, freeing."

"A meditative performance perfect for quieting the anxieties of our trying times."            

-New Show New York

Hearts of Cranes is a remote performance piece combining traditional immersive and participatory theatrical strategies with film inspired practices and structures to create a fully interactive, live, digital experience.

Gracie Nash "Sippy Cup" Music Video
Skout "MOVE" Music Video

Starring: Manatsu Tanaka

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