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Choreographic Works

Manatsu's creative expression does not stay in the performance they do.
They have a passion in choreography, both for art films and live performance.
​Their vision is always from this inspiration; "What can I research through this creation?"

A Manifest of a Midsummer's Night Dream


12/8-9 2022

Premiered at Nightlife Skinshow: Desperate 4 Attention

(You Won’t Last 5 Seconds!) @Triskelion Arts

transformation from the 'acceptable' self from 

i am just what i am yall. 

独者論ー愚 Monologue


A 10 minute solo structured improv piece in the midst of the COVID pandemic. 

You might relate to it, or you might not understand it at all. 
Every interpretation is open for y'all. 

Its my Monologue,
独.. One 者...Person 論...Theory
​愚...stupidity/ a very old way of calling themselves in order to respect someone who is in a higher position.(which no one does it anymore
​and a culture I still don't understand) 

 Hakama Jazz Wakatsuki

"Double Trouble"


Blues music is characterised by sad melodies and even today the expression having the blues means you are feeling gloomy. 

I found myself being healed with the acknowledgement of having the blues and instead of shaming and hiding them, to put it out to the world with the artists' craft, creation, and expression. 

"Double Trouble" by Otis Rush

Lux, continued 


​A quiet reminder of solidarity for all of us who chose to keep on breathing, living and moving forward from 2020.

National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Happy Days from the Bathtub


An bathtub adaption of Samuel Beckett's "Happy Days" Fear no more the heat o'the sun.

oh les beaux jours.

Special Thanks to Victoria Dieck 

Baggage; 人生羈旅     


“You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now.” ― Joan Baez

Structure/Props/Performed by Manatsu Tanaka

Music: Lost it to Trying by Son Lux
I do not own the rights to the music

Presented at 
organized by Ken Hasebe

Circa, Muscle Memory


A performance art piece based on the muscle memory provoked by sound, touch, and movement.

Piano is learning choreography for my fingers.

Videography by Vanessa Raffaele
Director and Performer by Manatsu Tanaka ​

T Shirt (2019)


BFA Dance Senior Project METAMORPHOSIS

Josh Ambrose, Julia Black, Monika Bregande
Cameron Clements, Avery Carlson , Anna Fitzpatrick 
Charles Fuller

Lighting Design
Wayne Murphy, Addison Traux

Scopophobia ; Reflectiur 

(03. 2019)

a fear of being stared at or the gaze of someone elses especially in a social setting.

The scariest things is the world is to face wit your own reflection; the true, vulnerable, raw version of yourself.

Performed by Manatsu Tanaka
Filmed by Mamiko Nakastugawa 

Meet You at the Bar(re) 


It is always fun making a special drink just for you....
​ And when you throw characters, concepts, and fun music in a cocktail shaker, we are ready for a little Kiki in the theater. 

​​Ballet Music for Warmups; Plies
iPhone Ringing Tone 
Let's Have a Kiki Clean Version by the Scissor Sisters

Monika Bregande
Ayami Ijichi
Mamiko Nakatsugawa
Manatsu Tanaka 

Orchesis Dance Company Fall 2018 Concert "Resilence"

(U)no seat(S) 


(U)no seat(S)

A. (U)no seat
-there is only one seat left to fill.
B. no seat(S)
-there are no seats left to fill. Wall. Floor. Space.
C. (U) (S)
-there is only us/Us/uS/US

Choreography, Dancer, Costume and Sound Design 
Mamiko Nakatsugawa 
Manatsu Tanaka 

Flyer Design 

Special Thanks
Lazy Susan Gallery 
Keishiro Katahira 

NYC Independent Project 07/29/2018

​Beethoven meets Chopin


A very new style of dance....a collaboration of Vogueing and contemporary using a very very classical piano music piece. 

Moonlight Sonata Op.27 by Ludwig van Beethoven
Etude Op.10-14 by Frederick Chopin

​Ashely Williams,Tina Elaine, Monika Bregande, and Manatsu Tanaka

Orchesis Dance Company Spring Showcase 18 "Rise Above"



Choreographed based on an image "Melting"
by Yulia Brodskaya. 

​Sean Penzo 

Maggie Austin, Emily Fox, Hannah Wagner



An Independent Project by Junior BFA Dance Major Manatsu Tanaka 
Video by Kyle Lict 
Photography by Vanessa Raffaele

Fredonia's Artists Alliance and 5 Junior Dancers proudly presents
A Dance Theater Piece
an adaption of Samuel Beckett's "Act Without Words", 

Based on a mime play done by one actor, 5 dancers presents 
the world of Samuel Beckett in a warehouse on 
50 W Main Street. 

Without being graded, 
Without criteria,
Without guidelines, 
With creativity and freedom, 
we, Junior Dancers are stepping outside of everyday classes and sharing OUR art, especially as dancers, by utilizing our artistic tools;
​Dance and Movement. 

Josh Ambrose, Ever Chavez, Mamiko Nakastugawa, Jillian Stonefoot 

Directed and Choreographed by Manatsu Tanaka

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